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Economic statistics resources for educators, reviewers,
and students of economics

What is the Purpose of Statistics?
A philosophy about the purpose of statistics, in terms
any layman will find helpful.

The Inflation Calculator
A simple form for calculating changes in the Consumer
Price Index from 1800 to the present.

Inflation Conversion -- 1665 to Estimated 2013
Downloadable spreadsheet, plus interesting tables
on millionaires then and now, pay of presidents
and members of Congress, stamp prices, presidential
election costs, gasoline and gold, and movies.

Economic History
A place where you can ask questions of comparative
value covering purchasing power, exchange rates, and
other variables between the past and today.

Basic Statistics
An online statistics textbook covering most of the basics:
Confidence intervals, t-tests, frequency tables, and more.

HyperStat Online Textbook
Second verse, same as the first. Another free statistics
textbook. Somewhat less straight-forward than the one
listed above, but worth every penny.

  US Government Statistical Resources:
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Data from the the principal fact-finding agency
for the Federal Government in the broad field of
labor economics and statistics.

National Average Wage Index
Maintained by the Social Security folks for wages
from 1951 to present.

Stat USA
Department of Commerce statistics on current
and historical trade, both domestic and international.
Requires a subscription, but it's available in many
public libraries at no charge.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
A collection of statistics on social and economic
conditions in the United States from 1995 to present.

Economic Data
NASA's list of links to international and domestic
government-sponsored economics stats sites.

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