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Educational resources for educators, reviewers, and
students of economics

A Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms
A glossary of 213 common economic terms. Says the
writer: "Your mastery of these terms will take you a long
way down the road of economic understanding."

Economics A-Z
Bill Gates reads The Economist every week. Shouldn't you?

The Economists
Biographies of several dozen of history's leading economic

The History of Economic Thought
Essays, economists, and a description of the various
schools of economic thought.

The Business Publications Search Engine
Essays and research in economics, intellectual property,
finance, and other business-oriented topics.

  Reading Recommendations:
Wealth of Nations
Adam Smith's (1723-1790) ground-breaking book on free trade and market economics. Want more? Try
the Adam Smith Web site.

The General Theory of Employment, Interest
and Money

John Maynard Keynes' (18831946) equally ground-breaking work on activist, interventionist economics.

Liberal and Conservative Blindspots
Manfred Weidhorn's (1931 ) brilliant essay on
the fallacies of both liberal and conservative political
policies. While it offers no solutions, it clearly puts
forth the problem.

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